About Jason Gerace


A truth-bearer, visionary, peace advocate, and devotee to the Higher Purpose, Jason demonstrates these guiding leadership qualities through his inspiring teachings to the local community and abroad. An intuitive healer, people who know Jason say to be in his presence is to experience light, laughter and love. Combining the essence of Eastern philosophy with his dedication to promoting foods that nourish vibrant health, Jason offers Therapeutic Qigong, Tui Na Bodywork and Health Coaching.
Deeper transformation and connection to the universe began for Jason over 20 years ago as he studied and aligned with the plant-based, vegan approach to food and nutrition. Now offering Health and Wellness coaching and compassionate lifestyle guidance, he says, “Health is a choice.” Jason makes the transition easy by custom-designing meal plans and serving up lots of food education. He is passionate about the integrated path to wellness and helping others claim their own sacred path of vitality and transformation. 
Jason holds several certifications:

Jason offers what he calls the 7 levels of Compassionate Connection, a simple path towards enlightenment that begins with honoring the Earth by eating plant-based cuisine and flows towards a deeper connection to Source. 

Jason teaches that compassionate choices, informed by scientific awareness, create a balanced lifestyle that integrates body, mind and spirit. This path brings health and harmony into our lives. 

With a focus on whole foods and sustainable sources, Jason will transform your world and clear your path towards nutritional excellence and health.

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